Ramon Franklin, named after its original founders, is a commercial roofing company with operations in Oklahoma and Texas. Originally founded to service the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Ramon Franklin has expanded to become one of the premier building envelope contractors on both sides of the Red River. After acquiring the company in 2015, Sheena and Hunter Green greatly expanded operations and built a clientele of A-list developers, contractors, and property managers. Ramon Franklin’s mission is to help its clients protect and steward their building investment. With a focus on expert diagnostics, exceptional craftsmanship, and professional engagement, the company continues to grow in size and reputation. Emerging job markets include Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, as well as operations in Kansas, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

The company holds dear a core set of values that it strives to embody in every interaction. Ramon Franklin seeks to:

1. Do the right thing – We do the right thing even when it is difficult.
2. Be ready and willing – We get after it with passion and focus.
3. Always accountable – We step up and own up to each other and those we serve.
4. Stay loyal – We’re loyal and committed to the cause.
5. Strive for excellence – Everything we do, we do with excellence and professionalism.